We are a multi-generation farm raising beef, lamb and pork along with seasonal vegetables.  We raise a herd of registered beef Shorthorns, registered Belted Galloway, and Belted Galloway crosses.  We exhibit cattle at a few of the local fairs in Maine.  Our products can be bought year- round here on the farm and also at the Greater Gorham Farmers Market from May thru October.

Visitors are always welcome!

Our Products:

Sign up for our 2019 CSA

We are once again offering a CSA for those customers who want to pay early and save later.  How it works is for every $100 that you prepay you get $10 extra.  So if you prepay $200 you get $220 in product.  You can use it on our meats, veggies or put towards your Thanksgiving turkey.

From Our Farm to Your Family

It’s important to know what you’re eating and more important to know what you are not eating. We work hard to provide the safest and highest quality product that we can.  We have raised our family on what we produce and you can too!

Findview Farm

  • Grass-Fed Beef                           Lamb
  • Pork                                             Sweet Corn
  • Potatoes                                      Tomatoes
  • Summer Squash                          Cukes
  • Pumpkins                                     Hay
  • Thanksgiving Turkeys